Case Study

Media Company Prevails in High-Profile Defamation Suits

Award-winning Media Company Preserves Reputation and Defeats Defamation Claims


The Firm represents an award-winning media company providing news on the New York real estate market through its monthly magazine and website. The media company has faced two significant defamation suits. First, the media company ran an article about a large condominium association in midtown that took legal action against a unit holder for running a brothel out of the apartment. Second, the media company published a story about a contractor who had been indicted and convicted of falsifying concrete tests and subsequently listed on the NYC Vendex database of contractors with a “caution” designation. In both cases, the subjects of the articles sued for defamation.


Trachtenberg Rodes & Friedberg has served as the longtime outside general counsel to the media company and has been involved in every aspect of its business from governance to employee management to intellectual property management and litigation.

We moved to dismiss both complaints on the basis of, in large part, the media’s right to report on judicial proceedings without fear of liability.


On our motions, both complaints were dismissed in their entirety, and our client’s reputation was preserved.