Employment Litigation

The Firm has represented both employers and employees in a variety of employment disputes, including, for example, the following:

  • We represented the former chief executive officer of a large national parking company in defense of claims alleging breach of a noncompete agreement.
  • We represented an advertising industry executive in connection with the negotiation of employment and severance agreements.
  • We represented a former CFO of a high-profile philanthropist and art collector in connection with severance and related claims.
  • We represented the estate of a former chief executive of a major metropolitan hospital in claims asserted in the hospital’s Chapter 11 proceeding in U.S. Bankruptcy Court alleging breach of employment and severance agreements.
  • We represented a music industry insider in negotiation of consulting and employment contracts.
  • We represented a diversified media company defending against claims asserted by a terminated staff member.
  • We represented an online music industry chief technology officer in a matter alleging breach of consulting and employment agreements.
  • We represented the chief financial officer of a prominent fashion accessories company in connection with claims arising out of employment contracts.
  • We represented a privately held money management firm in defense of threatened claims alleging disability discrimination by association and breach of contract by an employee placed on long-term leave.
  • We brought arbitration to compel our clients’ former employer, a major investment bank, to enforce its fee agreement with a private equity firm in which our clients had multimillion-dollar participation.
  • We represented a discharged investment banker in his action against a major multi-national investment bank for breach of a severance agreement.
  • We represented a terminated medical consultant against his former firm to vindicate various employment interests, including stock options.