The Firm has represented both insureds and carriers in the D&O context, as well as carriers and policy holders in various coverage disputes, including, for example, the following:

  • We prosecuted a satellite and aerospace company’s claims for coverage under a D&O policy, obtaining $20 million in coverage by settlement and judgment.
  • We represented a high-tech medical start-up company developing a new scanning device for detection of early-stage breast cancer and its chairman in defense of claims of securities fraud in a multi-plaintiff action, in the accompanying SEC investigation and in a state court action against the directors and officers liability carrier.
  • We represented owners, directors and officers of a champagne producer in a shareholder derivative action by a notorious corporate raider.
  • We defended the former President/CEO of an international steel company insured by a corporate D&O policy against a series of claims of securities fraud filed in nine different actions in five different jurisdictions seeking in excess of $400 million.
  • We defended a major insurance carrier against a $2.2 million claim under a D&O policy, stemming from the insured’s unilateral settlement of an underlying commercial litigation.